AICrete’s Stephanie Hampton: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions at ACI New Orleans

In the vibrant city of New Orleans, from March 24th to 28th, the American Concrete Institute (ACI) convention served as a hub of innovation and collaboration for the concrete construction industry. Among the distinguished attendees was Stephanie Hampton, the Director of Technical Sales & Customer Success at AICrete, whose impactful presence resonated throughout the event. Stephanie not only attended but actively contributed to the discourse, moderating sessions, presenting insights, and championing sustainability within the industry.


Stephanie’s engagement at the convention underscored AICrete’s steadfast commitment to innovation and sustainability. With her wealth of expertise and leadership, she guided discussions and shared invaluable insights, driving forward the conversation on sustainable concrete solutions.


During her time at ACI New Orleans, Stephanie had the privilege of moderating two sessions with nine presentations, within the “Who is Responsible When Sustainable Concrete Does Not Meet Performance Expectations” sessions hosted by Committee C132 Responsibility in Concrete Construction. These sessions provided a platform to delve into the complexities of sustainable concrete and the associated responsibilities in ensuring performance standards are met. Stephanie’s adept moderation ensured that diverse perspectives were heard, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities within sustainable construction practices.


In addition to her role as a moderator, Stephanie also took the stage to present on “Meeting Specification Requirements with Low Carbon Materials.” Her presentation addressed the burgeoning demand for low-carbon concrete and elucidated the evolving specifications accompanying this shift. By outlining necessary requirements and discussing successful examples, Stephanie provided invaluable guidance to professionals navigating this new era of concrete construction.


Moreover, Stephanie further showcased AICrete’s commitment to innovation by presenting on “Mix Optimizations and Material Variations” at ACI New Orleans. This presentation was part of the session and panel discussion titled “From the Lab to the Field, Experiences with Portland Limestone Cement,” hosted by Committee C308 Curing Concrete. Stephanie’s presentation delved into the intricacies of mix optimizations when utilizing PLC/Type IL Cement, as well as different supplemental cementitious materials and admixtures. Attendees gained insights into PLC/Type IL Cement variations, including their physical and chemical properties, reaction kinetics, and their impact on overall concrete performance. Stephanie offered practical advice on what information to seek, questions to ask suppliers, and essential steps to take prior to implementing these new products.


Stephanie Hampton’s multifaceted contributions at ACI New Orleans exemplified AICrete’s dedication to driving positive change within the concrete construction industry. Through her expertise, leadership, and commitment to sustainability, Stephanie continues to inspire advancements in concrete technology and practices.


As the industry marches towards a more sustainable future, it is leaders like Stephanie Hampton who serve as catalysts for progress. Their tireless efforts and unwavering dedication pave the way for innovative solutions that redefine the standards of excellence in concrete construction.

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