Welcome AICrete’s newest employee: Sabba Petri

Thrilled to welcome Sabba Petri to the AICRETE family!


With over a decade of experience in the tech industry, Sabba brings a wealth of expertise in web application engineering coupled with exceptional leadership skills. His journey began in the dynamic landscape of Bay Area startups, where he honed his craft and laid a robust foundation for his remarkable career.


Having transitioned into a leadership role as an engineering manager overseeing multiple teams, Sabba has demonstrated his ability to drive innovation and deliver impactful solutions. His contributions at tech giants like VMware and Uber have positively influenced the lives of millions worldwide.


Now, Sabba embarks on an exciting new chapter with AICRETE, where he is eager to leverage his skills and experience to make a profound impact in the concrete industry. Join us in welcoming Sabba as we look forward to achieving new heights together!

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