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Reducing the Cost & Environmental Impact of Concrete Mixtures

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Optimizing Better, Cheaper, & More Environmentally-Friendly Concrete Mixtures for Concrete Producers, 20X faster.

AICRETE focuses on combining data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with automation and robotics to optimize, discover, and develop more advanced, cost-effective, durable, and sustainable concrete mixtures.

We optimize & validate a mixture in 2-4 weeks and guarantee considerable reductions in raw materials costs & CO2 footprint. 


"AICRETE technology is a great approach and should be of significant benefit to many concrete producers. The increasingly complex nature of material selection and proportioning, along with the continuing increases in raw materials costs as well as lowering the overall carbon footprint of concrete will mandate the need for this type of service to the R&D, quality and operational teams throughout the industry."

-Martin Scheiber & Bob De Ruiter, Director of Manufacturing and Concrete Operations Manager at Clark Pacific

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