Increasing Profitability & Sustainability of Concrete.

Your All-In-One AI-Powered Quality Control Platform

AICrete’s mission is to significantly increase the profitability, sustainability, efficiency, and productivity of the concrete industry worldwide through a transforming All-In-One AI-Powered Operating System called AICreteOS.

A powerful industry track record.


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Greater Margins Greener Concrete

AICrete’s All-In-One AI-Powered Operating System, AICreteOS, optimizes your operations to boost margins & lessen environmental impact.

AI Mix Designs

Generate high-yield cost & CO2 savings with AI.

Live Ticket Monitoring

Track truck tickets live and receive tailored notifications.

Custom Reports

Easily generate tailored reports and submittals.

Analysis Tools

Create clear comparison graphs on-the-go.

Operations Insights

Draw insights from your data instantly.

Automated Workflows

Streamline testing accuracy & productivity.


Manage your materials, mixes, and tasks with minimum clicks.

OCR Tools

Automatically upload reports from 3rd parties.

Estimated EPDs

Get estimated EPDs instantly powered by Climate Earth.

Group Actions

Apply Material & Mix Design changes across plants.


Command AI to retrieve data & reports instantly.

Materials Testing

In-depth material testing and characterization by AICrete.

Simplify concrete operations.

Swift & Painless Onboarding

Our expert engineers will seamlessly migrate your data into AICreteOS and integrate with your existing systems.


Zero upfront fees. Only pay when AICreteOS is active in production. Instant ROI from Day 1.

24/7 Support

Comprehensive training and immediate maintenance and support are included at no extra cost.

Materials Testing

Our scientists conduct thorough material characterizations and analyses for you, either on-demand or routinely, in our state-of-the-art lab with results available in AICreteOS

Boost & Grow

Increase your profitability and productivity, secure more projects, and reinvest for greater success.


Learn how AICreteOS will revolutionize your operations.