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Increasing the Profitability and Sustainability of Concrete
AICrete’s mission is to double profitability of ready-mix and precast concrete producers and reduce their CO2 emissions by up to 35%.
Doubles or triples profit margins for concrete producers
Reduces CO2 emissions of concrete mixtures by up to 35%
Powers concrete producers with the ability to respond to and improve the supply chain issues plaguing our industry
Brings the best practices and technical expertise of concrete professionals to the entire industry
Optimizes concrete mixtures in days instead of months or years and ultimately in real time in the near future
Customer defines what properties and objectives they would like to achieve and provides raw material data sheets and costs for concrete mixtures they want AICrete to optimize
AICrete is combining data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with automation and domain knowledge to discover and optimize more cost-effective and sustainable concrete mixtures for ready-mix and precast concrete producers throughout the country. Our “concrete-recipe-as-a-service” model is as follows:
Customer ships samples of raw materials to AICrete’s lab in Richmond, California
AICrete uses its proprietary models, algorithms, and database to test various combinations of the raw materials to achieve the customer’s objectives while minimizing cost and CO2 per cubic yard
AICrete delivers the optimized concrete mix to the customer.
“AICRETE technology is a great approach and should be of significant benefit to many concrete producers. The increasingly complex nature of material selection and proportioning, along with the continuing increases in raw materials costs as well as lowering the overall carbon footprint of concrete will mandate the need for this type of service to the R&D, quality and operational teams throughout the industry.”
Director of Manufacturing and Concrete Operations Manager at Clark Pacific
Martin Scheiber & Bob De Ruiter
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