Q. What is AICreteOS?

AICreteOS is our transformative all-in-one AI-powered concrete operating system that significantly increases the profitability, sustainability, efficiency, and productivity of the global concrete industry.

Q. How does AICreteOS work?

AICreteOS integrates AI, machine learning, computer vision, and advanced software to enhance concrete operations, bolster margins, and minimize environmental impact. Its core Quality Control platform allows for current operations and more: AI-optimized mix designs, real-time ticket monitoring, customized reports, operational insights, automated test workflows, and effective management of materials, mixes, and tasks. With features like OCR document tools and ChatCrete, AICreteOS empowers your team and streamlines concrete operations.

Q. Is AICreteOS cloud-based?


Q. Who can see my data?

Your data is exclusively accessible to you and AICrete. If required, we can also restrict access to specific features and information to designated 'admin users' within your organization.

Q. If I use AI to optimize my mixes, does my competitor next door also get the same optimized mix designs?

AICrete optimizes customers' mix designs based on proprietary data, tailored to the specific raw materials each customer uses at their plants. Our AI models process this data in a consolidated, aggregated, and anonymized manner. Unless you and a competitor employ identical raw materials, with the exact same combinations and design specifications, the likelihood of receiving an identical optimized mix design is virtually negligible.

Q. How does the pay-as-you-produce pricing model work?

Our pay-as-you-produce model for AICreteOS ensures you're only billed when you're actively producing, eliminating any upfront costs. This approach ensures immediate return on investment from the very first day.

Q. Does AICrete provide support and maintenance?

Definitely! We include in-depth initial training, onboarding, as well as ongoing maintenance and support with AICreteOS, all at no additional charge. Our dedicated support team is committed to ensuring a smooth transition onto our platform and assisting with any data migration needs you might have.

Q. Can AICrete conduct material characterizations and analyses on my materials?

Absolutely! Our team of scientists is equipped to perform in-depth characterizations and analyses of your materials in our advanced laboratory, whether on a one-time basis or regularly.

Q. Can I generate AI mix design trials to evaluate them in my own lab?

Absolutely! This capability is available with any of AICrete's AI Optimization packages, offering you the flexibility to test designs in your own laboratory.

Q. Do I have to pay for upgrades and is there any downtime involved?

No, upgrades are complimentary. AICreteOS operates on the cloud, so updates are seamless, ensuring zero disruption to your business. Additionally, we consistently introduce new features and improvements.

Q. Can I generate submittal packages for projects?

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to generate submittals for individual or multiple mix designs. During onboarding, AICrete will collaborate with you to tailor these submittals to align with your specific business requirements.

Q. Does AICreteOS incorporate tarantula curves or compressible packing models?

Indeed, AICreteOS includes a robust suite of graphical tools that allow for intuitive data visualization, aiding in drawing meaningful insights. Furthermore, tools for aggregate optimization are seamlessly integrated into our AI Optimization feature.

Q. What other systems that I may use are you integrated with?

Presently, AICreteOS is integrated with platforms like Connex (Command Alkon), ConcreteGo (Sysdyne Technologies), ForneyVault, and Climate Earth. We're actively exploring other integrations and are open to considering any that bring added value to our users, given that the respective parties are amenable to collaborating with AICrete.

Q. Is AICreteOS just for ready-mix producers?

No, AICreteOS is designed to serve all concrete producers, whether they specialize in ready-mix or precast concrete.

Q. Can customers request new features?

Absolutely! We value customer feedback on AICreteOS and use it as a guiding force to refine and expand our feature set.

Q. Where is AICreteOS available?

At present, AICreteOS is accessible in the United States. However, we're gearing up to expand its availability to other countries by 2024.

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